Celebrating 10 Years

Wow! 10 years! When I first embarked on this journey I had NO idea I would fall so hard for this career. I couldn’t fathom the places it would take me, the amazingly wonderful people I would meet ♥️ and the opportunities it has afforded me. I never imagined this career would be so rewarding or fulfilling. It’s what keeps me going. What makes me feel alive. My one, true love.

Most Realtors change offices many, many times over. I have remained true and loyal to the company which gives back so much. Keller Williams Los Feliz is my family. It’s the place I have made some of my first and best friends. Where I sold my first house where so many memories have been made. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of this office and the people I’ve met along this incredible journey. I am eternally grateful.

I have to send a huge shout out to my amazingly wonderful mom. She never stopped believing in me and encouraging my dreams. Thank you to Gary Reavis for being such an inspiration and ally in my life and career. You helped make this super fun and contributed to so many of my wins! To my amazing mentor when I was a weeee young clueless Realtor, Kenya Reeves-Costa (and for giving me the BrittanySellsLA branding idea). To our new team leader, Brock Worthen for continuing to inspire, cheer, and root for all your agent’s successes. I know I didn’t win an Oscar or a Grammy here, but making it 10 years in a cut throat industry is an accomplishment worthy of thanks and honorable mentions. I didn’t get here on my own. So here’s to the next 10 years. To the highs. To the lows. To the lives I am blessed to change and to all the remarkable people I have yet to meet.

Perhaps the biggest thank you of all goes to each and every one of my sweet clients who trusted me over the past 10 years to find them their American Dream! It was a huge honor. Love you all and thank you for your continued referrals. I wouldn’t be here without YOU!


Brittany Walter

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